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Pamela Dyson Unpublished Interview Archives, Part 1: The Teachings and Trump

I left the community 35 years ago and I had to do a lot of work over a number of years, to clear my identification with all of it, and in order to not destroy myself. It was really intense, because I was vilified by YB. So I had to drop all of those practices. I couldn't do any of them. I could meditate silently, and I got into Buddhist practices and things like that. But anything from that 3HO experience – that was triggering and tied into that identity.[1]

I couldn’t separate the teachings from the teacher. Once I stepped away, after he did what he did to me, and after I witnessed what he did to others, I had to let go of every single bit of it, to reclaim myself. He always was exceedingly duplicitous. He had a wonderful line, up front, and then he did exactly the opposite. That included the teachings. I think “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” is a mantra that is probably a big hook. If people want to continue teaching, and if the organization wants to survive, I think they’ve got to get rid of that stuff: the Tratakam meditation, all these things that set him up as though he was a master, and all this BS that they say and do about him.[2]

The truth is that today we're all looking at Trump. Trump is a sociopathic, narcissistic, charismatic leader. That's what Yogi Bhajan was, when you come right down to it.[3]

People would always say about YB, “Oh man, he's got siddhis, and he's so psychic.” And he was -- he could really tune in to us. But the narcissistic sociopath is tuning in for survival purposes. What did he tune into about me? Read the beginning of the book. I was this empathic, pliable, vulnerable and idealistic young woman. And I was capable and intelligent. He identified all the good ways that he could utilize me and my abilities.

He knew how to appeal to people, and he knew how to compartmentalize. The worst things that I knew that were going on that I covered in the book were the sexual misbehaviors, but there was a lot of other stuff going on that I didn't know about. He could isolate, compartmentalize. One staff member that was with him the most claims she never knew what was going on with anybody else and him. How could you not know? But he did that deliberately, and he somehow managed to get away with it.

Trump is just so perfectly a mirror of YB.

And this month [February 2020] we've had the impeachment trial for the President. And I feel that I'm on trial in a way, or he is, or we are. It’s going on over there on my TV, the national picture, and it’s going on right here for me. Interestingly enough, my birthday is July 1st, so when you look at the astrology chart of the United States there's some similarities to my own chart. Now I feel our democracy being dismantled and broken, and Trump is just so perfectly a mirror of YB.


[1] YB = Yogi Bhajan. Interview with Pamela Saharah Dyson, February 12, 2020

[2] For a similar recent narrative, see Gwir Huddleston Llewelyn, The Guru Within -- Emerging from the Shadow of a Strong Control Group, Medium, July 30, 2021

[3] Character traits of the narcissistic sociopath

  • Glibness/Superficial Charm

  • Manipulative and Conning

  • Grandiose Sense of Self

  • Pathological Lying

  • Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt

  • Shallow Emotions

  • Incapacity for Love

  • Need for Stimulation

  • Callousness/Lack of Empathy

  • Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature

  • Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency

  • Irresponsibility/Unreliability

  • Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity

  • Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle

  • Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility

Other Related Qualities:

  • Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them

  • Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them

  • Authoritarian

  • Secretive

  • Paranoid

  • Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired

  • Conventional appearance

  • Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)

  • Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim's life

  • Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim's affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)

  • Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim

  • Incapable of real human attachment to another

  • Unable to feel remorse or guilt

  • Extreme narcissism and grandiosity

  • May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

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