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"Yogi Bhajan engaged in several forms of sexual and/or ethical misconduct with 36 of his followers. Specifically, it is more likely than not that Yogi Bhajan engaged in sexual battery and other sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and conduct that violates Sikh vows and ethical standards. Taken together, these actions constitute abuse of power by a spiritual teacher."

"Yogi Bhajan raped three women and he directed one woman to have anal sex with a young man."

"Yogi Bhajan injured eight women during sex with them."

"Yogi Bhajan employed a variety of methods to control his students including compartmentalization, quid pro quo, promises, threats, slander, phone calls, guarding, and/or telling women they were his wife."

"Yogi Bhajan's opportunity to engage in sexual misconduct was facilitated by his creation of an organizational environment characterized by secrecy, threats, and other practices."

"Although some of the Reporters of harm may appear to have remained willingly in sexual relationships with Yogi Bhajan for several years, the student's consent cannot be assumed because of the power differential between a spiritual teacher and their students. Misconduct is not merely a sexual transgression. It involves a violation of power."

"Yogi Bhajan instituted practices that created an environment that was harmful to Reporters and these practices facilitated his sexual misconduct and unethical behavior. Specifically, he subjugated students through fear of punishment and dictated many of their important life decisions, such as whether they had his permission to go to college; whether, whom, and when to marry; and whether or not to have children. The net effect was to increase their dependence on him and limited the scope of their lives."

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